Welcome to the Jungle!!

We have a new addition to our playroom!

Our finished play space was almost perfect, but this bare wall was lacking something.  We wanted to bring another pop of colour into the room, and make it interactive for the children as well.  Our friend, Lori Reddy created an original drawing, which she then transferred onto the wall and painted.  This safari scene is full of unexpected textures and colours that our children just love, and will be relevant for many years to come.

Before : _MG_6890

After : DSC_4902DSC_4872
Mural CollageOur children love to point to the animals and pretend-play with sounds and gestures!

DSC_4468Thank you, Lori!!

Total time to complete: 14 hours.   5 hours for design, 1 hour to trace, 8 hours to paint.


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