Sensory Play

Children learn about the world through their senses.. by touching, tasting, smelling, seeing, and hearing.  Sensory play contributes in crucial ways to brain development and is important for all types of learning. 

Multisensory experiences are beneficial to all young children, but are extremely crucial for children with special needs, such as sensory impairments and sensory processing disorders.  Sensory play develops creativity and independence, helps develop fine motor skills, provides an opportunity for imaginative play, and it is FUN!

We don’t mind a mess.. as long as the kids making the mess have a great time doing it!

Sensory CollageWhat is in our Sensory Bin?   Sand, rice, paint, goop.. We change it up every few days to keep things interesting and keep our children curious!

Sensory Collage2


Sweet Sounds

Socially, emotionally and cognitively, music enriches the lives of children.
Many of our children are involved in the Music Therapy program at Easter Seals, and we want to continue to nurture their love of music here in our family child care home.

The power of music can transform a child’s mood, encourage spontaneous movement, and most importantly, inspire joy!  Our friend Lori Reddy came back to visit us recently, and shared her musical talents with our children.

Thanks again, Lori!  We are already looking forward to your next visit!

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