Scholastic Book Clubs

It is never too early to start reading to your child!  At just a few months of age, an infant will enjoy looking at pictures, listening to your voice, and pointing to objects on the page.

Reading books aloud to children stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world.  It introduces concepts such as numbers, letters, colors, and shapes in a fun way.  It builds listening, memory, and vocabulary skills while preparing them to understand the written word.

You should definitely, absolutely, without any question read aloud to your children.

Reading together at home creates a special time for you to bond with your child, while at the same time helping to develop their lifelong appreciation for reading.

To support this important concept, Little Tulips Family Child Care is proud to be a member of the Scholastic Book Clubs!  We will be offering the Elf and SeeSaw (pre-school level) order forms to our families.

“Scholastic Book Clubs are bursting with books that make reading fun and rewarding!  There’s something just right for every interest and ability. Classic stories, award-winning authors, favourite series and characters, plus great seasonal selections – all at amazing prices!  When children get to read books they love, they learn to love to read!”

Happy reading!!



Therapy Dogs

Dogs are our natural companions and have the ability to connect with children in unique and valuable ways.  Therapy dogs offer many benefits to children, and especially to children with special needs.  Every child receives positive interaction and unconditional acceptance from a therapy dog.

The St.John Ambulance Therapy Dog program brings comfort and companionship to the people in our community who appreciate the unconditional love of a dog. These dogs are busy visiting hospitals, schools, rehabilitation facilities as well as psychiatric treatment programs.

Our children thoroughly enjoyed the affection and attention that the dogs showed them today, and we are looking forward to their visits becoming a regular part of our child-care program.

DSC_7158sTherapyDog Collage