I’m No Bully!

miss_debbie_banner“Miss Debbie” (Debbie Hanlon) is a well-known local political figure, children’s author and performer.  She recently came to visit our children as part of her “Miss Debbie – I’m No Bully” tour!  Her tour has been focusing mainly on primary school aged children, but she graciously tailored her show to suit our little ones!

“The Miss Debbie, “I’m No Bully” show is an entertaining, educational and interactive 45 minute show that teaches primary school aged children about the problem of bullying and how they can help stop it. During her show, special emphasis is put on the important role of the bystander, as there are far more bystanders than bullies or victims.  Miss Debbie and her critters help children understand bullying, its causes and repercussions, and helps empower them to try and stop this growing problem among school aged children.”

Our children were captivated while Miss Debbie read her book, “The Adventures of Gus and Isaac: Backyard Bullies”.

gi_cover“Bullies roam the backyards, scaring and picking on everyone they find. So, when Isaac the bob-tailed cat moves into a house in the neighbourhood, you know he’ll be the next target. It’s only by forging an unlikely friendship with Gus the seagull, who’s afraid of heights, that the two can face their fears and stand up to the backyard bullies.”

Find out more here – http://www.missdebbie.ca/

MissDebbie Collage



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