Every Child is an Artist

We recently had a very special visitor to our Family Child Care Home! Julie Lewis, of Sassy Tuna is a trained animator and designer who teaches art classes to adults and children. She teaches and demonstrates drawing in a very personalized and patient way, and was wonderful with our children, going through the process step-by-step.

We painted self-portraits, and our little ones loved it!

Art plays an important role in early childhood education. Art fosters sensory perception, offers children a chance to experiment, create, and build, strengthens their ability to think and make decisions, and helps children make sense of the world around them. And art is fun! Children have a natural tendency to create. We see this daily in their play, and art is one medium through which children can satisfy this need to create and express themselves.

As always, with children’s art activities it is more about the process than the final product, but we think our children are pretty talented!



Happy Christmas

The end of the year is always a very exciting time for us at Little Tulips!

We are thankful for all that we have been privileged to experience over the past several months, and we are very proud of all that our children have accomplished.

We celebrated this week with our annual Christmas party, and we were happy to welcome parents and siblings to our Family Child Care home. We had a wonderful visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus, and our little ones were thrilled to see them!

DSC_2291sDSC_2284sIMG_0721sIMG_0724sDSC_2297sThanks to all of you for your continued love and support.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

It is another magical holiday season, and at Little Tulips Family Child Care, we are celebrating in a big way. Our little ones have been busy getting into the holiday spirit, baking cookies, decorating the tree and making Christmas crafts. This is such a fun time of year, and we appreciate being able to spend this time with such a wonderful group of children.

Santa came to visit this week, bringing toys and goodies and Christmas cheer to our home. It is a hectic time, but we hope that you will all be able to rest and relax and enjoy the holiday with your families. It’s been a very full and exciting year for us, and we look forward to 2015, as we prepare for a new year full of blessings.


XmasCollage04We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Puppy Love

This week, we were happy to welcome the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dogs back to our centre!  Our children just loved their first visit with us, and they were excited to see the little dogs again! These pups are so affectionate and friendly.  It was a great way to brighten up a rainy day!

Thank you, Panda, Missy and Abby.  We look forward to seeing you again!




Fun with Drums

Our friend Gillian from Project Grace came by recently with percussionist Jonathan Hicks to do a drum session with our group.  Jon brought a variety of percussion instruments, from large congas, and a djembe, to chimes, and small shakers from around the world.

Drumming is often used in music therapy. Therapists use drum and percussion experiences to help children with special needs in the areas of motor strength and control.  We noticed that our own children enjoyed standing up to the tall drums and would shift their balance as they tapped with both hands.

Drumming and drum circles can also contribute to significant social and emotional improvements for the participants involved. For children with special needs, drumming can be a powerful tool to help them address many areas of development, such as communication, fine and gross motor, social, emotional and cognitive needs.

We had a great time trying out all of the instruments.  Thanks so much for sharing them with us!


Drop the Bass!

Recently, the father of one of our children came in to play the double bass for us!  I have to admit, I was not overly familiar with the double bass (ok, I thought it was the same as a cello), but I learned a lot!  The double bass is also called an upright bass, bass fiddle or bass violin.  It is in the violin family and is the largest and lowest pitched bowed string instrument. It stands about six feet tall, and towered over our little ones!  They enjoyed plucking on the strings and feeling the vibrations through the body of the instrument.

Being a Dad, he was well versed in children’s songs, so we had a great time singing along to some classics like “Old MacDonald”, “B-I-N-G-O” and “Mary Had a Little Lamb”.  Thanks so much for sharing your music with us!  It was a new experience for all of us!


Oh The Joys of Discovery Toys!

The Discovery Toys company was founded by an early childhood educator in 1978 and it continues to grow from a passion for education. Discovery Toys is committed to bringing fun, safe and developmentally appropriate toys and products to children and adults of all abilities. Their products have useful applications for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Discovery Toys combines multiple levels of learning in every toy.  Various elements of math, science, and language are incorporated into all of their products and they are designed to engage and develop a child’s motor skills and higher levels of thinking.

Discovery Toys strives to incorporate a unique play experience into each of their products that stimulates multiple centers in the brain simultaneously – an experience that promotes both critical thinking AND open-ended imaginary play.

Veronica Vardy is an Independent Discovery Toys Educational Consultant.  She recently visited Little Tulips and brought in a selection of toys for our children to explore!

For more information or to contact Veronica, visit her website HERE.

Shop Discovery Toys exclusive collection of award-winning Toys, Books, and Games!
“These high-quality toys are so much fun, the kids will never guess they are LEARNING!”


The Gift of Christmas

It’s the little things that mean the most. The look on children’s faces when they first set eyes on Santa Claus, tiny voices singing classic Christmas carols, and spending quality time with family and friends in a warm and cozy home.  These are the moments we will treasure for years to come.

This is the season of giving and celebration, and at Little Tulips Family Child Care, we celebrate all that has been achieved this past year, and all that has been overcome.  We are thrilled to be able to share these moments with you, as we cherish our Christmas memories and create many new ones!

Xmas Collage4

Play it Loud!!

Today we had another fabulous music session with our friends at Project Grace! This time, our children were introduced to the trumpet!

Terry Campbell is a local trumpet player and educator.  He treated us to some classic jazz tunes and a few sing-along Christmas songs. Our little ones were amazed by the many different sounds that a trumpet can make!  We even tested Terry to see how many animal sounds he could produce!  Each child had a turn pressing the valves and controlling the mute to create different sound effects.  It was a wonderful experience for them!

Thank you for sharing your talent with us!  http://www.terrycampbellmusic.com/


I’m No Bully!

miss_debbie_banner“Miss Debbie” (Debbie Hanlon) is a well-known local political figure, children’s author and performer.  She recently came to visit our children as part of her “Miss Debbie – I’m No Bully” tour!  Her tour has been focusing mainly on primary school aged children, but she graciously tailored her show to suit our little ones!

“The Miss Debbie, “I’m No Bully” show is an entertaining, educational and interactive 45 minute show that teaches primary school aged children about the problem of bullying and how they can help stop it. During her show, special emphasis is put on the important role of the bystander, as there are far more bystanders than bullies or victims.  Miss Debbie and her critters help children understand bullying, its causes and repercussions, and helps empower them to try and stop this growing problem among school aged children.”

Our children were captivated while Miss Debbie read her book, “The Adventures of Gus and Isaac: Backyard Bullies”.

gi_cover“Bullies roam the backyards, scaring and picking on everyone they find. So, when Isaac the bob-tailed cat moves into a house in the neighbourhood, you know he’ll be the next target. It’s only by forging an unlikely friendship with Gus the seagull, who’s afraid of heights, that the two can face their fears and stand up to the backyard bullies.”

Find out more here – http://www.missdebbie.ca/

MissDebbie Collage