The Gift of Christmas

It’s the little things that mean the most. The look on children’s faces when they first set eyes on Santa Claus, tiny voices singing classic Christmas carols, and spending quality time with family and friends in a warm and cozy home.  These are the moments we will treasure for years to come.

This is the season of giving and celebration, and at Little Tulips Family Child Care, we celebrate all that has been achieved this past year, and all that has been overcome.  We are thrilled to be able to share these moments with you, as we cherish our Christmas memories and create many new ones!

Xmas Collage4

Play it Loud!!

Today we had another fabulous music session with our friends at Project Grace! This time, our children were introduced to the trumpet!

Terry Campbell is a local trumpet player and educator.  He treated us to some classic jazz tunes and a few sing-along Christmas songs. Our little ones were amazed by the many different sounds that a trumpet can make!  We even tested Terry to see how many animal sounds he could produce!  Each child had a turn pressing the valves and controlling the mute to create different sound effects.  It was a wonderful experience for them!

Thank you for sharing your talent with us!


I’m No Bully!

miss_debbie_banner“Miss Debbie” (Debbie Hanlon) is a well-known local political figure, children’s author and performer.  She recently came to visit our children as part of her “Miss Debbie – I’m No Bully” tour!  Her tour has been focusing mainly on primary school aged children, but she graciously tailored her show to suit our little ones!

“The Miss Debbie, “I’m No Bully” show is an entertaining, educational and interactive 45 minute show that teaches primary school aged children about the problem of bullying and how they can help stop it. During her show, special emphasis is put on the important role of the bystander, as there are far more bystanders than bullies or victims.  Miss Debbie and her critters help children understand bullying, its causes and repercussions, and helps empower them to try and stop this growing problem among school aged children.”

Our children were captivated while Miss Debbie read her book, “The Adventures of Gus and Isaac: Backyard Bullies”.

gi_cover“Bullies roam the backyards, scaring and picking on everyone they find. So, when Isaac the bob-tailed cat moves into a house in the neighbourhood, you know he’ll be the next target. It’s only by forging an unlikely friendship with Gus the seagull, who’s afraid of heights, that the two can face their fears and stand up to the backyard bullies.”

Find out more here –

MissDebbie Collage


Therapy Dogs

Dogs are our natural companions and have the ability to connect with children in unique and valuable ways.  Therapy dogs offer many benefits to children, and especially to children with special needs.  Every child receives positive interaction and unconditional acceptance from a therapy dog.

The St.John Ambulance Therapy Dog program brings comfort and companionship to the people in our community who appreciate the unconditional love of a dog. These dogs are busy visiting hospitals, schools, rehabilitation facilities as well as psychiatric treatment programs.

Our children thoroughly enjoyed the affection and attention that the dogs showed them today, and we are looking forward to their visits becoming a regular part of our child-care program.

DSC_7158sTherapyDog Collage

We Love Lulu!!

We had another interesting visitor to our Family Child Care Home today!

Meet “Lulu”, the Standard Poodle!  She is 5 years old and is a very friendly pup!  Lulu’s owner, Meghan is an award-winning pet stylist and the owner of Doggie Stylz, one of Newfoundland’s best grooming salons.

The pretty colours you see on Lulu are non-toxic, ammonia free and free of any harmful chemicals.  Lulu enjoys the grooming process and loves all of the attention she receives afterwards!

We were so happy that Meghan and Lulu were able to come and spend some time with our children!  They certainly brightened up our day!!





Sweet Sounds

Socially, emotionally and cognitively, music enriches the lives of children.
Many of our children are involved in the Music Therapy program at Easter Seals, and we want to continue to nurture their love of music here in our family child care home.

The power of music can transform a child’s mood, encourage spontaneous movement, and most importantly, inspire joy!  Our friend Lori Reddy came back to visit us recently, and shared her musical talents with our children.

Thanks again, Lori!  We are already looking forward to your next visit!

DSC_5300s DSC_5306s DSC_5308s DSC_5311s

Horse Play!

We had some very special visitors to our child care home recently!!

Horse CollageLiberty and Yankee are both male American Miniature Horses.

They live at Clovelly Stables Community and work for the Future Strides Community Outreach and Therapy Program. They are friendly and gentle and love the work that they do! Thanks so much to Erin for arranging the visit. It was a wonderful experience for our children, and it was a real treat for us!