Here Comes the Sun!

We are just loving all of the sunshine and warm temperatures we’ve been getting lately! Our little ones are having so much fun exploring, and we all feel so much happier after a good dose of fresh air! Here are some photos of what we’ve been up to recently!



We Danced for the Janeway

On February 12th, our group at Little Tulips Family Child Care participated in the 17th Annual Kids Helping Kids Daycare Dance-a-Thon!

We are always excited to show our support for the Janeway, and to help ensure that the children of our province receive the best care possible.

The Daycare Dance-A-Thon was a great opportunity to show our children how we can have fun while helping others.. plus it’s an excuse to dance in the middle of the day!

This year, we raised $400.00 for the Janeway!!


On behalf of the Janeway Children’s Health and Rehabilitation Centre, the Janeway Children’s Hospital Foundation and the many families that benefit from fundraising initiatives such as the Daycare Dance-a-Thon, we thank you for your support!

Little Mummers

The holidays are just around the corner, and we are getting in the festive spirit! Leading up to Christmas, we have been learning about the distinct cultural tradition of Mummering in Newfoundland and Labrador. Mummering was more common years ago in the smaller communities around the island, when people would disguise themselves in funny clothing and go door to door, making surprise visits to their friends and neighbours. It has been making a comeback in recent years, with the introduction of the Mummers Festival in St. John’s.

This week, we looked at lots of pictures of people dressed up as Mummers. We listened to The Mummer’s Song (on repeat), and we learned how to play an ‘ugly-stick’! Our little ones had so much fun putting on silly outfits, with sheets covering their faces. We danced and sang and had a grand old time!

Mummering is a wonderful tradition that has been passed down through generations, and we are keeping it going!


Jamarama 2015

Jamarama15On Friday, October 16th, Little Tulips Family Child Care participated in Jamarama, in support of the Janeway Children’s Hospital. We had so much fun wearing our pajamas, and we were happy to be able to donate to such an important cause! Wearing pajamas is a sign of solidarity and support for the brave little ones in the hospital who don’t get to change out of their pajamas. It lets them know that we understand what they are going through and that we are fighting for them. Our children use the services of the Janeway on a regular basis, and so we know how important it is to offer our support.

Little Tulips Family Child Care raised an incredible $823.00 for the Janeway through Jamarama this year! Thank you to all who donated, for your participation, and for helping to make a real difference. It is because of engaged and caring community members – people like you! – that the Janeway can continue to provide the best possible pediatric health care in the province. Remember, every little bit counts!

DSC_0883DSC_0859“There’s a lot of money in here! You’ve got to give it to the doctors so they can make people feel better. The doctors will be so happy and they will smile at us!”

DSC_0876JamaramaCollageDSC_0915*Update*  This week, we presented our cheque to the Janeway Hospital Foundation!


Arthrogryposis Awareness Day

The Provincial Government of Newfoundland and Labrador has recognized June 30 as Arthrogryposis Awareness Day, to promote greater understanding of the condition and those affected by it.

Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC) is described as congenital (from birth) joint contractures in two or more areas of the body. A contracture is a condition in which a joint becomes permanently fixed in a bent or straightened position, completely or partially restricting the movement of the affected joint.

Our friend, Ava was born with a type of Arthrogryposis called Amyoplasia, which is characterized by severe joint contractures and muscle weakness. You can read Ava’s story here –

DSC_8608On June 30th, we wore blue to show our support for Ava, and all other families who are affected by Arthrogryposis!



Spring is here! The weather is finally warming up and our little ones are enjoying spending as much time as possible outdoors. We are getting ready to plant some flowers in our garden, and have been doing some activities focused around plants and insects and all of that fun stuff!

We have a bug matching game – a set of colourful cards with bugs with different colours and patterns. Our kids love to find the bugs with the same colours, with the same number of spots, and with the same shape antennae!

DSC_8021sToday, we did a bug dress-up activity. We made a felt cape with wings, decorated it with felt shape stickers and made a headband with antennae to complete our bug costume!

DSC_7889sDSC_7908sDSC_7893sThen we took it outside!

DSC_7914sDSC_7934sDSC_7984sDSC_7943sOur little ones loved learning about bugs, and we love to encourage hands-on imaginative play.

These “Bug” activities were from Koala Crate.

When your child is sick..

It’s cold and flu season, and I just wanted to pass along this little diagram to help you decide when you should keep your child home from daycare. Please keep in mind that in our small group, we have some children who are medically fragile and more susceptible to illness. This means that a simple cold could be detrimental to some of our little ones. If your child has any of the following symptoms, or if they are not well enough to participate in our daily program, please keep them home.



Our Little Tulips are participating in ‘Steptember‘ –  an exciting, 4-week team activity that provides participants with the opportunity to improve their health, fitness and well-being, all while raising awareness and much needed funds for people with Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities. 

The Challenge – get a team of four people together! Each team member challenges themselves to take 10,000 steps per day, tracking their daily step count and recording their total steps on their personalized ‘Steptember’ webpage. Participants don’t have to just walk – there are more than 40 activities including those for wheelchairs or adapted bikes that you can convert into steps!

SteptemberCollageTeam of four? – Check!

Pedometers and handbooks? – Check!

The desire to raise funds for Cerebral Palsy Associations across Canada? – Check!

We are ready for it!

Please donate to our Little Tulips team at:

Thank you for helping to raise funds and support a life without limits for people with disabilities!

Happy 2014!

It is common at the start of a brand new year for people to rethink their lives, and to set new goals and resolutions.  Instead of compiling a never-ending to-do list, be sure to celebrate all that you have achieved.  Focus on your strengths, and the strengths of your children.  Spend more time doing the things that you enjoy, and things that allow you to be involved and engaged with your family.

Make this the year for joy, laughter and love for you and your child.
We wish you a happy and healthy New Year!

-Julie & Andrew