I scream, you scream..

We all scream for Ice Cream!!

Young children learn by imagining and doing. The process of pretend play builds essential developmental skills; it promotes social skills, develops language and communication skills, and supports emotional development and self-expression.

We recently introduced our children to the Discovery Kids cardboard Ice Cream Truck!

We coloured some of the pieces, assembled the truck, coloured some more..               Our children have had hours of fun with this!  They were free to colour and decorate however they wanted, and then had fun pretending to sell ice cream (and pizza and cookies)!

The ice cream truck features an interactive dashboard and steering wheel, open windows, rear doors and side mirrors.  It is made from eco-friendly cardboard, so when we are all done with it, this Ice Cream Truck is 100% recyclable!

IceCream Collage

Sensory Play

Children learn about the world through their senses.. by touching, tasting, smelling, seeing, and hearing.  Sensory play contributes in crucial ways to brain development and is important for all types of learning. 

Multisensory experiences are beneficial to all young children, but are extremely crucial for children with special needs, such as sensory impairments and sensory processing disorders.  Sensory play develops creativity and independence, helps develop fine motor skills, provides an opportunity for imaginative play, and it is FUN!

We don’t mind a mess.. as long as the kids making the mess have a great time doing it!

Sensory CollageWhat is in our Sensory Bin?   Sand, rice, paint, goop.. We change it up every few days to keep things interesting and keep our children curious!

Sensory Collage2

Welcome to the Jungle!!

We have a new addition to our playroom!

Our finished play space was almost perfect, but this bare wall was lacking something.  We wanted to bring another pop of colour into the room, and make it interactive for the children as well.  Our friend, Lori Reddy created an original drawing, which she then transferred onto the wall and painted.  This safari scene is full of unexpected textures and colours that our children just love, and will be relevant for many years to come.

Before : _MG_6890

After : DSC_4902DSC_4872
Mural CollageOur children love to point to the animals and pretend-play with sounds and gestures!

DSC_4468Thank you, Lori!!

Total time to complete: 14 hours.   5 hours for design, 1 hour to trace, 8 hours to paint.

Designed for PLAY

A happy, organized play space should be inviting, not intimidating.  It should be accessible, not limiting. It should be comfortable, not sterile. It is our responsibility to provide such an environment for the children in our care.  Children are no different than we are when it comes to learning.. if we are unhappy in our environment, we will not progress.

We have designed our playroom not only for our own tastes, but for the needs and desires of the children who play here.

Play is important for a child’s social, emotional, language, cognitive and physical development.  To see the latest research about play and learning, you can visit: http://www.ed.gov.nl.ca/edu/earlychildhood/power.html

_MG_6898s_MG_6895sRoom Collage
Tulips Collage2_MG_6911-2

Thank You!

We are thrilled to announce that we have had tremendous response and interest in our Family Child Care Home, and that all spaces are now FULL!
We will be keeping a wait-list for those who are still interested, so please continue to send in your inquiries through the Contact page.

Little Tulips Family Child Care is the type of child care environment we wish our own son could have attended and because of that we feel compelled to ensure that your children receive only the best that we have to offer.  We are committed to achieving the same goals and dreams that you have for your children, and are thankful for the opportunity to work with each and every one of them!

-Julie and Andrew


Spaces Available!

We are getting close to opening, and still have 2 full-time spaces available!
We have also had quite a bit of interest in part-time or after-school care.
If this is something you might be looking for for your child, please let us know!
We can try to make it work with everyone’s schedules!

Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and we wish you a very Happy New Year!  These are exciting times.. in 2012 we built a house, and in 2013 we will build our business!  We moved into our new home the week before Christmas, and are just a few weeks away from opening as a Regulated Family Child Care Home!  We have been meeting with families and are so excited about the children who will be coming to us!

If you are interested in a space, please send us a message through the Contact page.  Tell us a little about your child and we would be happy to meet with you to discuss the possibilities!

We wish you health and happiness and all the best in the coming year!!