Professional Development

In addition to their education and training, both Andrew and Julie regularly participate in professional development opportunities to further advance their knowledge and skill set relevant to their specific line of work.

Here is a sample of some of the professional development hours they have accumulated by attending workshops and seminars:

Family Child Care Training Program Level One – 36 hours

Children with Special Needs in Family Child Care – 2 hours

Creativity in Family Child Care – 2 hours

Working with Families in Family Child Care – 2 hours

Guiding Children’s Behaviour in Family Child Care – 2 hours

Training Session on the Lifting and Transfer of Children with Mobility Challenges Facilitated by the Janeway Rehab Department – 1.25 hours

Conflict Resolution with Young Children – 3 hours

Problem Solving in the Workplace – 6 hours

Workshop on the High Scope Curriculum – 12 hours

Ask The Doctors – A Question and Answer Forum on Epilepsy – 2.5 hours

“Inclusion Creates Diversity” Conference – 5 hours

Mudpies, Butterflies and The Ooey Gooey Lady – 7.5 hours

“Sharing Our Resources” – 8 hours

Transition to School through a Play-based Approach – 1.5 hours

“Back to the Basics.. Using What You Have” – 8 hours

Internet Safety: Presented by Constable Kevin Foley (RNC) – 1.5 hours

Encouraging Language Development in Early Childhood Settings – 6 hours

Putting the Puzzle Together  (with presentations on Inclusive Recreation, Fluency Disorders in Preschoolers, ADHD Awareness, Talking with Parents about Sensitive Topics) – 8 hours

Creating a Greener Child Care Setting Workshop – 3 hours

Thriving with a Disability – Health and Wellness Information Day – 5 hours

Caring for Infants in Family Child Care – 2 hours


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